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Hey everyone,

Lots of news from Japan!

First, you can watch the osu parade live tomorrow on ustream:…

Thanks to :iconumaasato: for finding pictures of the team that were in Tokyo, USA, Mexico and Spain:…

Yesterday all the teams had meetings with the stage staff, and several interviews. Then in the evening was the Karaoke party. It was a pretty fun day. We had the general meeting this morning to select the Team order.

The order is:
1 Germany
2 Finland
3 Mexico
5 Korea
6 Denmark
7 Singapore
8 Italy
9 Australia
10 Japan
11 France
12 Brazil
13 China
14 Spain
15 Thailand

They are now all getting ready to wear their Press costumes, and they will be going to varies places for interviews. I shall have photos of each team's Press costumes tonight.

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